Conference by professeur Véronique Fraser at the International Chamber of Commerce

Please note this post is only available in French. Le 19 octobre dernier la professeure Véronique Fraser présentait à la 6e conférence internationale annuelle sur la médiation à la Chambre de...
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Professor Véronique Fraser, invited researcher at Pepperdine University

Please note this post is only available in French. La professeure Véronique Fraser revient d’un séjour de six semaines durant l’été 2016 à titre de chercheure invitée à la Straus Institute for...
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Sense of Access to Justice as a way forward

Please note this post is only available in French. Le professeur Jean-François Roberge était l’invité pour le lancement de l’initiative neojustice qui a eu lieu le 8 juin 2016 au centre ville de...
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Law on Mediation for Ivory Coast. Professor Jean-François Roberge acts as expert for the World Bank

Please note this post is only available in French. Le professeur Jean-François Roberge réalise un mandat d’expert en soutien au processus législatif précisant le cadre juridique de la médiation...
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2nd research forum in PRD for Masters students

Please note this post is only available in French. Le 2e Forum de recherche pour les étudiants en PRD aura lieu le 6 mai 2016. Ce forum annuel est une occasion unique pour les étudiants inscrits à...
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PRD-LAB is a research laboratory that strives for innovation in dispute prevention and resolution.

Our team is federated around researchers from the University of Sherbrooke and is enriched by experts from different universities. Our members are all dedicated to the development of cutting-edge knowledge.

Our research projects

In order to meet the expectations of professionals, our research laboratory aims at innovation in the development of current knowledge in relation to the following theme :

Refinement of negotiation methods

Negotiation procedures are at the heart of our participatory project. For the use of negotiation must not only be the primary mode of dispute resolution, but it must also become a common practice of conflict prevention. To this end, a culture of negotiation must be developed throughout the social space. The G-PRD contributes to this dissemination by proposing innovative research on negotiation “know-how”

The development of mediation

Now codified in the N.C.p.c. Mediation is called to professionalize. The aim of the G-PRD is to enrich the mediation process by identifying the best practices developed by mediator communities around the world, both in terms of methods to promote consensus and in terms of its ethics.

The development of risk and conflict prevention methods

In a competitive environment, companies, in collaboration with their internal and external legal advisors, are called upon to manage with increasing efficiency the legal aspects of the strategic development of their business projects . The G-PRD works to develop the pursuit of innovation in planning upstream of risk and conflict prevention processes.

The advent of a participatory arbitration

Arbitration as practiced today is more and more akin to judicial settlement and is tinged with the culture of the trial. The G-PRD works to redefine arbitration to re-integrate the values of participation in order to restore its raison d’être, which originally inspired its popularity with the business community.