Boutros-Ghali and dispute resolution procedures

Three questions to professor Cassan

Challenges by Mixed Modes of Dispute Resolution

Professor Fraser at the 6th Annual Conference on Mediation at the ICC

Canadian approaches and French comparisons

Professor Roberge invited at the Court of appeal of Toulouse

Group on Mixed Modes of Dispute Resolution

Professor Fraser, invited researcher at the University of Pepperdine

Sense of Access to Justice as a way forward

Professor Roberge speaker at neojustice conference

Law on Mediation for Ivory Coast

Professor Roberge acts as expert for the World Bank

G-PRD: mobilizing participatory justice

A forum aimed at the creation and mobilization of knowledge

Who We Are

The Group for the Prevention and Resolution of Disputes (G-PRD) is a forum of creation and mobilization of knowledge related to participatory justice. All of our specialists have a connection with academia through teaching and research. Read more …

Mobilizing research

Mobilizing practices

Our Mission

Mobilizing initiatives aiming for a participatory ideal for justice through innovative research (PRD-LAB) and professionnal projects aiming at the optimization of practices (PRD-PRO). Read more …