G-PRD offices are located at Longueuil’s Campus – University of Sherbrooke, 150 Place Charles le Moyne, Longueuil, Québec J4K 0A8, Canada.


The Group for the Prevention and Resolution of Disputes (G-PRD) is a forum aimed at the creation and mobilization of knowledge related to participatory justice. All of our specialists have a connection with academia through teaching and research.

Our research laboratory, PRD-LAB, strives for innovation in the development of current knowledge related to negotiation, mediation, civil justice, dispute prevention, the evolution of professional practices, etc.

Our consultancy group, PRD-PRO, aims to provide support to change initiatives regarding professional practices at the national and international levels. We participate in projects related to the enhancement of access to justice, the development of negotiation skills for lawyers, the governance of mediation and arbitration centres, etc.

Through the synergy of its activities, G-PRD brings together the new generation of specialists interested in the interaction of justice and cooperation and who are dedicated to the mobilization of theoretical knowledge with spillover to professional practices.

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